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What makes us different?

We don't just take on silly numbers. Our years of experience has been dedicated to making people change their whole lifestyle and mentality, not just shed a few pounds before a holiday. Which is something a lot of people come to us for, but they stay on and see it as they should, a full lifestyle change to become the best versions of themselves. The best version of YOU, that YOU can be. 

What is included and how does it work?

Our programme follows a cycle which has never been done before at the level it is at online. Here is the weekly routine :


Training ☑️

Live content ☑️


  • We run Multiple LIVE workouts coached by the full team on Zoom per week.

  • We also alongside the workouts, run catch ups to answer questions and go over topics which you may be struggling with.


Pre Recorded Workouts every Sunday to prime you for your week  ☑️


  • Yoga 🧘‍♀️ with the Amazing Jules

  • Bodyweight HIIT with Paul

  • Kettlebell complex workout  with Paul

  • Upper or Lower Performance gym session with Paul & Dave. 

Nutrition ☑️ 

​We have two styles of clean eating when it comes to the F2L Plan :

  • Tell me what to eat - This is our structured plan with shopping lists, nothinging on your end, simple to follow planning of Breakfasts, Meals and Snacks.

  • Eat what you want - This is our Calorie counting plan which is exactly what it says on the tin, you count your calories, and eat what you

Support ☑️ 


  • We have a WhatsApp group chat where we monitor all of your food posts, share recipe ideas amd more. This is absolutely fantastic for keeping you accountable and something very few online platforms do. 

  • We check in via zoom once per week ( with our Platinum clients only ) for as long as needed to ensure they're content with the process and happy with the results. 


Extras ☑️


  • Our weekly podcast every Monday to give you an alternative medium to listen to on the go and keep your mind firing.


We take just 100 Premium clients on and just 50 Platinum clients on at a time. We strive for optimal results and day to day support. To achieve this sometimes you may see "Currently not available" below. If you have waited for a long while, please email the team at contact@flab2lean.uk and we will alert you of the next vacancy for coaching

Thank you - Paul & Dave
Head coaches / Owners