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30,000 Days!

Stop looking at your health journey as something you need to use QUICKLY to get results for an event. A Wedding, Birthday or even January 1st when people crowd outside your local gym like there's a pot of gold waiting for them inside.

Think about it, you get on average...30,000 days. Your life is this long. Your car does more miles than this so why focus on a "I just need to get in shape for this or that" and start thinking I want to be mentally and physically healthy for my life to be the best life I can be.

Mentally so I can be the best person I can be. It's ok to have short term goals, to lose a bit of weight for a holiday or wedding but health is much more! By all means set those goals, write 'em down, it's important to have something to aim for. Just don't let it be ALL you aim for or you'll constantly be one of those people who "fall on and off the wagon" when the reality is, life is the wagon just stay on for the ride.

To do this you need to enjoy your food, training and community you're involved in. Everything starts with the right MINDSET. Correct your mindset and you'll never look at the gym or a fitness programme in terms of days, weeks or even months ever again

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