What is your WHY?

What is you why? This could be in business or at work, your reason for dieting or fitness, your reason for what you do with your spare time and more. When you can’t be bothered going to work, going for a run when it’s cold, or prepping your meals the night before after a big day, what keeps us going? Motivation will keep us going for so long. Sure like when you sign up to a new gym, or buy a new programme, or read a new book you’re fired up and ready to go. BUT What creates LONG TERM DISCIPLINE Here are two cool facts about motivation 1:) In the UK the average person once receiving a promotion or a pay rise exerts 3 times as much workload in the first 12 weeks, after this, their workload is EXACTLY the same as it was pre promotion or raise. 2:) The average gym goers who “Starts in January” - 70% are finished and back to their old ways by February. What does this tell us about people, others and even of course ourselves? That we LACK Discipline. Motivation like we have spoken about, comes and goes. One way to eradicate this like we have went over in the previous weeks is the IMPORTANCE of Routine. A routine revolving around you, and all the things which make you BETTER than what you were yesterday. How else can we Break the mould and put motivation to the back of our mind when it comes to doing the things we know we should do, but make the excuses that we don’t need to because we can’t due to work, kids, weather, time and all of the other excuses under the sun : F I N D Y O U R W H Y . Personally speaking, mine came in the form of : I was living a very scatty lifestyle and have previously been told I suffer from ADHD, which in most circumstances is an EXCUSE to write off the ability to sit still and have a good amount of attention on one thing for a duration of time. This was my WHY. Because almost 2 years ago i realised it was effecting my relationships with people, diet, finances and more. I decided to look at what takes concentration, and embed it into my day. This way I could operate NORMALLY whatever that may be, for me I just wanted to listen to people more and have a less 100mph life in my head. I took up : Meditation, Reading, a Gym routine I liked not what I thought was cool ( Running and cardio instead of getting big and looking a certain way which most lads do etc ) More time on days off walking outdoors without access to my phone. My WHY Was to get better mentally to give me a chance in the future to not let this become an excuse. Since then, as times change, my new why for example is my daughter. Which means I want her to see me as a fit, strong, health conscious person. So i’ve signed up to Manchester marathon this year for example, one for myself and my friends / clients and two for her to be there and many more touch wood to set and EXAMPLE. She sees me exercising at home at least once per week and loves it, as she grows up which we will speak about next, into adolescence, it will be great to see her conscious of her health. Not fitness, not abs, not having thousands of followers on instagram but her health and ability to be able to look after herself. One of the big disciplines we all lack at times. Let’s talk about how childhood effects us, and why they say only at 27 do we start to understand our “why’s”. They say we stop growing at 21 but start going into our Prime mentally at 27 and becoming conscious of who we are and what we offer the world. Why we do what we do on a daily basis - Understanding the brain, one of the breakthroughs not a lot of people know about. This could be the answer some people are looking for : It may sound a little far fetched but it’s absolutely relevant to understanding your WHY when it comes to things that you do and decisions that you make on a daily basis. So the way our personalities and thought patterns are formed is largely down to something called a THETA stage of the learning which is how we absorb information. This is most prominent in our childhood between 0-7 years of age, we sponge all things happening in our environment. How we worry, how we find things funny, good, bad, exciting and more. . So have a little think to back in your childhood, when people say “ You’re so like you mother “ that aint always a good thing! For example i’ve got my mum’s work ethic and my fathers ability to have ideas. So your learning patterns are important, but what is more important is how you RESPOND to them and BECOME aware of what is GOOD about what you’ve learnt and what needs CHANGING. Not bad, just needs changing. Changing to give you a better chance at being the best person you can be. . So what we would like you all to do, is write down your WHY. It can be anything, but it is personal. If you’re into reading a great book about personal journey is one called the alchemist. Whether you like to read or not, maybe even listen to it on you commute, it’s one you’ll absolutely be buzzing you have read, it’s only short but its brilliant around personal journey’s etc.

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